HYPOCRISY - CD - Classic Series: Osculum Obscenum

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HYPOCRISY and Nuclear Blast Records will start the first, and definitely not final chapter of a catalogue campaign bringing back all of HYPOCRISY's legendary past records, some of which are much sought-after rarities. 

“Chapter One” begins with classy vinyl and CD editions of “Penetralia” (1992), “Osculum Obscenum” (1993), “The Fourth Dimension” (1994), and “Abducted” (1996) on May 5th, 2023. Documenting the evolution from the violent and utterly morbid Masse Broberg fronted first two records, the much revered opus “The Fourth Dimension” that showed a darker and more melodic approach until “Abducted” which includes live staple ‘Roswell 47’, this first phase of HYPOCRISY’s career laid down the groundwork for the Swedes trademark sound.

The 2023 reissues feature all original art with a few, careful touchups – the band logo on “Penetralia” was for example never meant to be pink/purple – and preserve true death metal classics in astonishing form that have been unavailable especially on LP for far too long. Get ready to revisit one of the most consistent and dynamic discographies in the genre!

1 Pleasure Of Molestation
2 Exclamation Of A Necrofag
3 Osculum Obscenum
4 Necronomicon
5 Black Metal
6 Inferior Devoties
7 Infant Sacrifices
8 Attachment To The Ancestors
9 Althotas

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